Song of Solomon 4:9

"For you reach into my heart, with one flash of your eyes I am undone by your love, my beloved, my equal, my bride. You leave me breathless- I am overcome by merely a glance from your worshipping eyes, for you have stolen my heart."

This scripture is from the Passion translation and it is interesting to see the footnote about the last word in the passage which is 'heart':

"Or 'you have ravished my heart.' This is the Hebrew word 'libabthini', which is taken from a Semitic root word that means 'to tear off of a tree'. He is saying that your loving eyes of worship have uncovered his heart and laid it bare, making him vulnerable to you. What a description of what happens to Jesus when he looks into your eyes. Your worship brings to him such an ecstasy and delight that it becomes hard to even imagine. Yet God has placed inside of you the ability to ravish the heart of your King- not someday in heaven, but now, even when you feel incomplete and weak."

This year I have had some health issues where I have been in a battle so strong, spiritually all I could do was praise and worship. I received this word from God that was just so encouraging. So I would like to share it with you and I pray it is a blessing.

"Come into My presence with singing. Come into My courts with praise. My children get caught up with seeking answers only, to help them try to understand and get through their days. Most times you can't work it out. You forget that praising and worshipping Me will lift you up and break through the heaviness you come under!

Oh My love, this is vital and powerful. Praise is the power of heaven. Exalt My name in all the earth. The enemy would want you to get focused on other things, when you need to breakthrough. Praise and worship is your first go to.

Let go of the struggle and set your heart to first minister to Me in your song of adoration. You are gifted and anointed in worship. Rise again and put the enemy to flight. There you connect with Me and all darkness flees.

Precious you are to Me and how I love to hear your song. It touches Me my child. Selah!

Your loving Heavenly Father."