I Have To Testify ( Part 2 )

Psalm 147 : 11

"God delights in those who reverence Him and trust Him and put their hope in His unfailing love."

This year I have seen my heavenly Father do amazing miracles. I would like to share with you more of those miracles in this blog.

I was reading in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young: "When you depend on Me (the Father) continually, your whole perspective changes. You see miracles happening all around, while others see only natural occurrences and 'coincidences'. You begin each day with joyful expectation, watching to see what I will do." I love the way God delights in us as His children, listening closely to us.

I have recently moved house and where I am living now, the old house next door was very neglected. The garden was really overgrown and all the paint on the outside walls of the house was peeling off. I didn't think any one could be living there. I didn't want to live next door to this shabby old home and asked the Lord, "Could You do something about this?".

The week I moved in, a couple came to stay in this house and all weekend they cleaned up the yard, mowed the lawn and cut back bushes. Then to my amazement, after they left, another man came to stay and he put up scaffolding and started painting the outside. So the old house is undergoing a transformation and I'm gleefully praising the Lord.

The second miracle I would like to share is about a young woman I have known from when she was born. My best friend had had a daughter and I went to visit when the baby was only months old. She picked her up and said to me, "Here you go, Dellie!" wanting to share with me her joy in motherhood. It is so important for little babies to be nurtured in that first year of life. I looked into this little one's eyes, big pools of still waters, which were locked onto mine. I sensed her little spirit searching for a connection. We did connect spiritually and it was as if I was filled with the same joy as her mother.

That beautiful child grew up and had her own first born last year, a complicated birth. Within a week afterwards, a large fist-size mass came up on her neck needing surgery to remove. Though proving to be non-malignant, it had attached to the jugular vein and the operation was a long five hours. Recovery was slow, and the new mother experienced a deep non-responsive post-natal depression.

On reaching out for prayer, a miracle of help for her happened as covid restrictions which had blocked her mother from being by her side were lifted, and my friend was now able to get the first flight possible from Australia to the States to be with her daughter and family for three months. During this time the depression lifted and the doctor said "Mum was the best medicine." But she knows it was really answered intercessory prayer for healing, God's goodness be praised!